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12th February 2005

mortalitas_12:50am: Icons
I made new ones. Which are much less ugly than the old one. :D

Also, because I'm bored out of my mind at the moment, just wanted to extend an offer to any current and/or future players--just ask and I'll be happy to make LJ icons for your character. (Or for you! Free LJ icons! If you join! :DDDD *entices*)

Magus hasn't written in the past few days because I don't want to do anything that looks like moving plot forward yet, but I'm running out of things I feel like I can reminisce about without stepping on Flea and Slash's toes... :o

We should definitely do something soon, so this RP doesn't like, die on us. AIM session maybe?
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4th July 2004

grand_summon2:32am: Hi there!
This is my character application. I hope I make the cut! :D

- - -

What would you like to be called OOC: Yuna
Your age: 19
Contact info (OOC journal, AIM, Yahoo, etc): AIM: Yuna Brasuka

Requested Character: Schala
Character's age: Let's say 18. ^^
Where does your character live and in which time: In the Zeal Kingdom, circa 12,000 BC
Character's sexual preference: Heterosexual
Character's personality: Determined. Schala has a strong sense of right and wrong, and wants so badly to pursue justice for the Zeal Kingdom. However, she also does not want to displease her mother and therefore finds her good intentions being used for the wrong reasons more then once. She is very protective of her family, especially her younger brother, Janus. It's not easy for the Zeal Princess to turn her back on her loved ones, and even through her mother's madness she will find herself feeling sorry for the woman, no matter how hard she tries to stay strong. There was a tragic day, however, that her beloved brother disappeared into some unknown void and was never seen again. Unable to deal with the loss of her strongest family tie, Schala's personal will power all but crumbled, and she found herself being used to the point of exhaustion..

2nd February 2005

mortalitas_3:06pm: A few questions
Huzzah. I am the Magus. Hear me roar.


That said, there were a couple things I was wondering about the game format. Are we going to be posting in the character journals in first person (i.e., like the characters were writing in actual journals) or third (i.e. prose narration form)? And will we be doing any RP over AIM/Yahoo/chat of some kind, or will it all be on the journals?
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21st January 2005

ashkaztra4:05am: To show what to do...
What would you like to be called OOC: Shasha, or just Sha.
Your age: 19.
Contact info (OOC journal, AIM, Yahoo, etc):
AIM: MadnessInfused
Yahoo: evil_sailor_cepheus
MSN: herukatto(at)hotmail(dot)com.
OOC journal: ashkaztra

Requested Character: Flea the Magician.
Character's age: Older than he looks.
Where does your character live and in which time: Flea is staying in a cottage in the Medina area in 600 AD.
Character's sexual preference: Bisexual, though he strongly prefers men.
Character's personality: Flea is unpredictable, hot tempered, vicious and mean. He likes taunting people, or using his charm abilities to wrap them arpund his little finger. He likes to pretend that he's a shallow airhead, but he is in fact far more cunning than he appears. He has been playing the role of the silly girl so long that it has become a part of him, though he is by no means silly. Flea has been deeply hurt in his life, and has stopped trusting anyone a long time ago. He is infinitely more troubled than he appears, but would never admit it. He really is as vain as he acts, because he knows that he's beautiful, but he doesn't really believe that a pretty face is all that is needed in the world.

Anything else?: Flea is attracted to power like a moth to the flame. He's also a vegetarian, though that will be explained later.
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