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To show what to do...

What would you like to be called OOC: Shasha, or just Sha.
Your age: 19.
Contact info (OOC journal, AIM, Yahoo, etc):
AIM: MadnessInfused
Yahoo: evil_sailor_cepheus
MSN: herukatto(at)hotmail(dot)com.
OOC journal: ashkaztra

Requested Character: Flea the Magician.
Character's age: Older than he looks.
Where does your character live and in which time: Flea is staying in a cottage in the Medina area in 600 AD.
Character's sexual preference: Bisexual, though he strongly prefers men.
Character's personality: Flea is unpredictable, hot tempered, vicious and mean. He likes taunting people, or using his charm abilities to wrap them arpund his little finger. He likes to pretend that he's a shallow airhead, but he is in fact far more cunning than he appears. He has been playing the role of the silly girl so long that it has become a part of him, though he is by no means silly. Flea has been deeply hurt in his life, and has stopped trusting anyone a long time ago. He is infinitely more troubled than he appears, but would never admit it. He really is as vain as he acts, because he knows that he's beautiful, but he doesn't really believe that a pretty face is all that is needed in the world.

Anything else?: Flea is attracted to power like a moth to the flame. He's also a vegetarian, though that will be explained later.
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